Marketing Tips

Marketing as we used to know it, doesn’t exist anymore, because customers are more market savvy, they demand choice, quality, and excellent customer service. They expect for businesses to respond quickly to their changes in taste and preferences. They like customized and personalized treatment.

Today, you have to market to customers in the way they want, satisfying their needs in their own terms.

This is a challenging scenario, especially for women entrepreneurs, but in this section you will find the top 10 small business marketing tips.

Know your customer and organize your company around them.

Make marketing not merely a function but rather a way of doing business that permeates every part of the business.

Listen to your customers. Design your products and services to meet the needs of your customers the way they tell you they want them.

Be truthful. Promote the character, philosophy, and culture of your company; not an image you want customers to believe.

Build long-term relationships with your customers. The longer you retain a customer, the more profitable having that customer becomes, providing referrals and additional purchases.

Build credibility for your company and your brand. Invest in quality, service and customer satisfaction to collect referrals from satisfied customers.

Use technology like: email, teleconferencing, 800 numbers, voice mail, etc to make your customer’s experience more enjoyable.

Create a marketing plan, which should includes everything you do to create awereness for your business and its products and services.

Encourage referrals. These are the least expensive way to get new customers, who are more likely to purchase and remain customers in the long term.

Build your brand quickly. The sooner you gain brand recognition, the sooner your marketing will experience the snow ball effect and your marketing cost will come down.

Marketing Ideas

The above marketing tips are intended to highlight what should be, the first area of focus of any small business marketing manager, director or person in charge. On the other hand, these marketing ideas, are designed to increase your profits and boost your bottom line, as long as you understand the previously discussed marketing tips.

Get on TV. Because people watch you, they start to develop a relationship with you. They start to trust you and see you as a expert. Don’t we all want to hire experts?

Get on the radio. You could be a frequent guest on a radio show. The key is to be an entertaining guest and offer the producer/host something to deliver to their listeners. Listen to our radio show by clicking here

Write a book. There is no a better way to claim expertise in an area than being an author. Please note, that I don’t mean full length novels, but shorter books, even ebooks.

Sponsor an Event. If you have the marketing budget within your marketing plan to do so, this is a great way to create publicity and support a charitable cause at the same time.

Educate. Giving lessons to the public, give you the opportunity to build a relationship with potential customers and introduce them to your products.

This is a great way to build a relationship with your potential customers and the workhorse of self-promotion.

Create a website. Even businesses that are not based on online traffic will increase their sales by having a presence on the internet. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a technology savvy to be able to start your own website. Click here to learn all about becoming an internet entrepreneur

Join the right organizations. Becoming part of organizations specific to your industry or field and other business, such as Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations and networking groups; it’s a great way to get exposure and publicity.