Are you a Mompreneur?

Do you want to become one?

A mompreneur is a newly coined term for women who establish a home based business while also acting as the full time parent of their children. It is more and more normal to see moms that want to make money without giving up the joys of motherhood.

Looking to become one? You can follow these steps to find your way into mompreneurship:

Quantify your resources: What are your skills and interests? What are you passionate about? Do you like to cook? Do you like crafts? Do you have an idea that can help other moms or women? Is there a common problem of motherhood that you have been able to solve for your self with a new invention?

Take some time to write down your passions, interest, talents and skills. Narrow your list to your favorite three things that you would like to do for business.

No talents? Consider companies like Avon, Partylite, The Pamper Chef, etc; where you can work from home without having to go through the trouble of starting your own business.

Check out our Small business Advice and Home Based business for list and links of step by step things that you will need in order to start your business.

Make your family part of it: Your family is the most important thing to consider when starting a business, because they will be directly affected (and yes, they will benefit from your success as well).

At the beginning, there will be budget constraints and changes in schedules, so they need to be on board; and you’ll need their support in order to become a successful entrepreneur woman.

Market your idea online: As a mompreneur, you should seriously consider having a website and taking advantage of the multiple online social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Meetup, etc.

Ebay is another fantastic way to have a business from home, in fact many of the 500,000 independent sellers on ebay are moms. The profits on this type of business are usually made from the assessment of S&H;, specifically on the “handling” part, which is a charge above the shipping cost that the mompreneur gets to keep as her profit.

Get an Entrepreneur Coach: A coach will help you define your goals, overcome the multiple roadblocks that you will encounter on your road to success, and will make you accountable.

Not every mompreneur makes a product to sell, as many of them work on what they used to do before becoming a mom; but all of them reinvent the way they can do business and many make a stable profit while doing what they love.

As an Entrepreneur and Life Coach dedicated to: empower women with their businesses, help them define and achieve their goals while ensuring a balanced life; I’m sure that I can help you.